Saturday, October 31, 2009


Dont have to much time to write today. Last night was REAL exciting! We had a fire!!!!! LiaHona was over at Harmonees trailer when they smelled smoke! First they thought one of the kidsd left popcorn in the microwave, but then some of Harmonees kids came in and said LiaHonas trailer was on fire!. By the time they called around and got some of the guys to come with buckets and hoses it was all over! The whole thing went up in smoke!!

LiaHonas REAL upset cos she lost all her stuff but what I say is she should count her blessings! Pratt couldve been inside!!!!! What happened was one of the little kids was playing with matches and lit a candle in the kids room and left it burning next to some curtains. We found out cos a couple of the little kids saw him do it.

Its going to be REAL hard to put up LiaHona and her kids somewhere. Pratt doesnt have money for a new trailer. I thought she could move in with LaBlessing in her trailer, cos she doesnt have to many kids, but all the other gals said itd be WAY to squished cos LiaHonas got 11 kids and with LaBlessings 8 that would be 21 people (not counting the nights Pratt sleeps over). So when I said where else could she live, Harmonee said the only place with room was my home!

Of course, I would say yes in a HEARTBEAT. Thats what family United Orders all about. We share EVERYTHING! I love LiaHona and her kids to bits but Ive only got three spare rooms (and I use one for crafts) and my girl Serenity Fawn comes and stays with her kids, so where would they go then? Harmonee said its WAY more important for LiaHona and her kids to have somewhere to live, than for my kids to visit. So I said its not up to you - Pratts going to decide. (I was thinking hed like to keep my home just the way it is cos he comes over to get away from all the kids noise.)

Anyway, got to go cos were having another meeting about where LiaHonas going to live. Pratts head of the homes so he'll decide - not Harmonee. Talk to you soon

Friday, October 30, 2009

All us Mormons - FLDS, Fundamentalist and LDS.

Im feeling WAY blessed and unworthy today again. Remember I said I need at LEAST a dollar for the tea lights? Well, people mustve been clicking on my ads cos now Ive got $2.67!!! WAY exciting!!! If I can get to the store, or get one of the sisterwives who work to go, I can start on my chandeleer!!!

Pratt says I can keep the money from my ads, for crafts - GREAT! The rest of the gals give the money from there working to Pratt for the family United Order. We share everything! Pratt decides whats best to spend the money on. Then he gives us what we really need. We talk about that some in family council. We had one last night, but I'll tell you about it tomorrow cos I want to paint my deer horns pink so theyll be dry when I get the tea lights and glue them on.

I was looking at some of the ads on my page and I was going to say NOT to bother with the LDS SINGLES one. If your looking for a polygamy marriage you probably wont get one of them to do it. Thats on account of the Manifesto and them not living polygamy any more. They get WAY mad when people think they DO. (Thats cos folk get all mixed up about LDS Mormons, Fundamentalist Mormons and FLDS Mormons - The LDS say we're not MORMONS EVEN!!!!) Some LDS Mormon guys say theyll have to live polygamy in the Millenium but most of the gals dont much like the idea. It could be the Milleniums coming real quick so those LDS gals better get ready. I THINK the LDS guys can still have a polygamy marriage if there first wifes dead. THEY think they can have them both in the celestial kingdom but our group says NO WAY! Youve got to marry AT LEAST a couple of women when their BOTH living to get to be at the top of the celestial kingdom, otherwise it wouldnt be fair to US for having all the polygamy trials and persecuting and then only getting the same as THEM!!!

Got to get on with the deer horns.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friends in the World.

I feel WAY blessed today! First off, Im getting new friends writing me and Im hoping they all know what a heavenly way this is to live! A lot of folk hate our guts so its nice when some folk understand us. The bretheren want our friends to be inside the work, not to make friends with folk out in the World, but these gals sound like they know a lot of the truth already already and one gal is REAL interested in living polygamy , so that makes it OK. (some groups dont even let FAMILY talk to each other when there in a different group!!)

One gal called SweetPotato (I guess thats her nickname cos of her great pies-Im a great cook too!!) never got a chance for being married out in the world. That is SO SAD!!! But maybe its good none of those men out there wanted her. Maybe she was being saved for a GOOD man in the work!! Maybe it was a real blessing that your not the cutest of gals - what does that matter for a guy with the Spirit?? Remember what I said before in my OCTOMOM post? Pratt would of been ready to marry that sweet gal and give her a good husband. He would of LOVED to add her kids to his kingdom!! I dont know if the prophet would let you come visit. Probably the best thing is to pray for him to get a revelation. If he does Ill let you know right away!

Itd be way fun if you tried the Compatability Gadget on my page. Its on the left somewhere - just put in SweetPotato and Pratt, and see what it says!

Jurlene, that is SWEET to say how lucky my sisterwives are I love them so much. You are SO right! Im WAY glad you can tell that! I try my best every day to let them know it. Not every family is blessed like us!!

Merrianne. Pratt is head of our home. I do thinking for myself, but what HE says is the law. Whatd happen if ALL us gals wanted to be equal with him??? Itd be a MESS!! If you keep reading youll probably understand better.

Got to go cos weve got a family dinner tonight and family council. Its pot luck and Im making my favorite green jello salad. (the recipes on one of my posts)

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Magazines from Babylon

From what Ive been hearing from letters, it seems like some groups send guys away and marry the gals to someone else to test the guys. Im REAL glad our group doesn't do that!!! Most times if a guy is bad the bretheren tell the gal shes GOT to stay with him and keep her covenants, and if the guy leaves , then most times she goes to the guy in the bretheren whose been counseling with her. It sounds like Merianne should pray to find the write group!

I pray every day for Harmonee and for LiaHona to. I love them cos there my sisterwives  but its WAY easy to stray off the path. Harmonee REALLY bothers me. I told you her folks came in from the world. Thats good , but kids who didnt grow up in the truth can be a BIG problem, so nobody trusts converting folk. Theyd rather marry the old families. New families get the wrong idea about stuff. Trouble is a lot of of folkre related to a lot of other folk so they HAVE to look at the new ones even if they dont want them much.

 I  beat Harmonee to the mailbox yesterday (all our family share one) and I saw Harmonee AND LiaHona were getting magazines from Babylon!! I think Harmonee gives LiaHona bad ideas cos LiaHona grew up in the truth and she knows better! I was just looking through the pics in the magazines when LiaHona comes up to the mailbox and grabs them from me! RUDE! I was going to show them to Pratt so he could do some preaching about whats right, but I DID see enough to tell him. The women in the pics had painted faces instead of being naturally feminine like me AND there clothes werent appropriate at ALL!! It makes me WAY sad to see this stuff around our family. What can I do to help them see they need to stop trading with Babylon???

I was thinking - itd be good if someone came up with a polygamy magazine. Especially for the girls getting ready for marriage. we could name it "Poly Pre Teen". Itd have crafts, wholesome recipes and pics of feminine and appropriate clothes, poems, hair styles, testifying from the bretheren, and a question page. Im going to ask Pratt what he thinks.

Guess what???? I got paid 37 cents for people clicking on my ads!!!! I need at least a dollar for the tea lights for my deer horn chandeleer, so keep on clicking!

My Sisterwife sisters, aunts, nieces and cousins

First off, Pratt said we couldnt do the Muslin clothes right now. He said the bretheren need a revelation for a change like that and they dont like the women giving them ideas. He said he'd talk to them about it and I could pray for the bretheren.

I guess I should say some more about all us sisterwives cos someone was asking if we're related and if Im the First Wife?

Sariah and me're sisters from the same mother - its WAY cool  having a sister sisterwife! Then theirs Harmonee - shes nothing to do with me.  Her parents came in from the World. I bet thats where she gets some of her ideas! Then  theres Chastitee - shes my aunt on my Papas side and Pratt married Celestial Rainbow to - shes Chastitees daughter and my cousin, so Im a  sisterwife and another mother to my aunt, nieces and cousins!!! LiaHonas Pratts brother Ondis girl. In case anybodys wondering, Celestial Rainbows NOT Pratts daughter - Chastitee was married before but her husband apostatised and she was given to Pratt. The guys DONT marry there daughters here and brothers DONT marry sisters -well brothers DO marry sisters, but not related ones. I heard its the Kingston group does that stuff. Dont know why they do but I heard its cos Adam and Eves kids married each other so they say it must be OK. I guess it IS in the bible. I think its really becuse they dont get any new folk join there group and everybodys related to everybody else!

Oops, almost forgot LaBlessing - shes real quiet. Shes one of Pratts other mothers daughters by another  guy who left our religion (not Pratts Papa - hes strong in the work.)

Im not Pratts first wife but I sure feel like one. LiaHonas Pratts second wife. Pratts first wife left. (I never knew her.) First wives dont make it to often cos they learn to be selfish like women in the world. When a new gal comes along they get all upset and dont want to share. Pratt says she was bawling all the time and stopped eating. That was real DUMB of her. They left her to get on with it, but she never did learn. Pratt married me last cos I was married to Heelaman before I was married to him but its like we knew each other for EVER!!! He says Im the one who REALLY understands him. 

I only had two kids when I was married to Heelaman -  Serenity Fawn and CoDene Moroni. Heelaman was old, but Pratts not, so we're hoping for kids. Joseph Musser said (when he was  prophet) it was BAD for men to spend the night with women if they cant have babies, cos thats the only reason for spending the night. Women my age dont have kids USUALLY, but I said to Pratt we need to have FAITH cos Sarah in the bible had a baby when she was over 90!!!! (and Im nowhere NEAR that old!!!) 

Pratt says I can have his first wifes kids when we get to the celestial kingdom, cos she wont be there, but the kids are part of his kingdom.

Yes Merianne (she wrote me) I am WAY blessed and WAY unworthy to have my Pratt.  Sorry those guys are being MEAN. Dont they want another 6 spirits for there kingdom! Prattd NEVER turn anybody down! And what about your prophet? He should tell the men what to do! I should go with the bishop guy if I were you. If your husband repents and comes back, you never know, you could be be reassigned back again.

You asked if the prophet ever tested Pratt? You mean like Joseph Smith tested some guys, asking for there wives? I never asked Pratt, but hes got all his wives so I guess not (unless he just got ASKED and then the prophet said JUST KIDDING!! and didnt REALLY want them?) Of course SOME of the married gals Joseph asked for got married to him and stayed with there husbands to. Thatd  be kind of confusing. It never happened to me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Craft stuff!

What a bunch of nice folk out there sending me PILES of letters! (Pratt DID have to dump ONE of them though - he said theyd stop my blog if it got posted, so I guess it had some more bad words.)

One person must REALLY like crafts like I do! They liked the Muslin girls pic and told me just how to make EVERYTHING!!  Fer cuuute! They even told me all the stores to get the stuff. Pratt might like us doing that cos I know one of the apostles back when the church was still living polygamy, wanted his wives to wear Vails with there long dresses, but it didnt catch on. AND the prophet Brigham Young made up his own style for for women. he wanted them to wear REAL loose dresses so no one could see there shape. I guess hed LOVE the muslin girls pic to! Im going to ask Pratt what he thinks. 

In case you dont know how to click on the COMMENTS at the end of my writings, heres some of the letter for how to make the cute Muslin outfits. You can read all  the letter in RECENT COMENTs on the left of my blog and its at the end of yesterdays post.

"Honey Dawn the best source for Afghan burqas is the Hospital supply stores. Just ask them for disposable surgical dropcloths. You can get plastic screen mesh at the HomeDepot and it is really important to add a face screen mask to see where your going. You just cut out a slit and duck tape the window screen over the hole... remember you can wear your burgas to WalMart on 31 October and no Gentiles will bother you, except they keep trying to hand you candy. "

Thanks for the GREAT idea. I would of never of thought of all that.

I was asking for ideas for the deer horns, and somebody else gave me a WAY cute idea- to make chandeleers!!  (Pratt said there was another idea to but it was the one he had to dump) I dont know about making all those wires work for electrics, but I got a better idea. I could use candels to make it more romantic for Pratt and me. AND, guess what???? I got that pink paint at DI on Saturday, so I can paint the horns first!! - WAy cuter than that ugly browney color. I can hot glue tea lights and silk flowers and bows on and hang it all from ribbons! Im TOTALLY excited to get this done!!  I DO need some mony for tea lights though, so itd be great if you could remember to please CLICK ON MY ADS cos I get paid when you do! THANKS!

Somebody said I need to be careful with the color pink cos its half red. I never thought of that. Maybe purples bad too? The bretheren never said anything, so I guess it  must be OK. Thanks for the warning though!

Mavis, MY Pratt didnt go to Alta View Acadamy, so it mustve been another Pratt you knew. Somebody said  the guy in prison - Warren Jeffs- was a teacher there. Did he teach you anything? I heard hes a REAL nice guy and its just the government persecuting him.
Back to the Muslins. Some gal(?) said they got religious police to beat muslin gals who go out not all covered up. Im WAY glad we dont have guys doing that kind of stuff but gals SHOULD be modest though. Pratt says Muslins really look out for there gals. They dont let them go out in the world for schooling - they keep them safe at home. I think thats GREAT. Did you know they follow a  prophet to! (dont know his name though - maybe its one of ours? - thatd be WAY COOL!)

Monday, October 26, 2009


SO – I was going to tell you about the DI trip on Saturday. First Pratt says to say what DI is for the folk who don’t live in Utah (I was thinking only Utah folkd read this – if you write in itd be fun if you said where your from and I could put pins in a map to show Pratt whose reading!!) Anyway DIs a big thrift store the LDS church runs. We don’t much like giving money to the LDS cos they don’t like polygamists after the Manifesto and everything but you can get some real DEALS!

You can get the best clothes there. Even though the thingsre not new its WAY BETTER than going to the stores with new stuff. WHY? Cos you can’t find dresses that look so FEMININE any wear else!!! You can get big lace collars with bows, and frills on the bottom, and the fabrics got great flowers and the dresses are LONG!!!!!!

Anyway I got a WAY cute pink dress. It just needs some bows to be PERFECT. AND I came acrost some rolls of ribbon and got them for nearly nothing AND I found a can of pink paint for crafts, so it was a GREAT day!!

Im glad it finished up that way cos it started bad. First SOMEBODY said they were staying home cos they didn’t want KIDS taking care of there kids. OK, the real big kids had to do some work at the farm, but some of the other kids weren’t real little so it was OK to leave the babies with them.

Next, I thought we were leaving at 10:30 so I washed my hair to look cute for the trip and the next thing I know is LiaHonas banging on the door saying everybodys waiting for me! I HAD to finish drying my hair and then put it up to look cute. So by the time I got to the van they said theyd been waiting for half an hour. I said I thought Harmoneed told me 10:30 so it wasn’t MY fault!

It was REAL fun to have all us sisterwives together. It took a whiles to get there but it wasn’t to bad cos Pratt let me sit up front next to him cos I get car sick if I don’t. When we got their he went to the gun store so I went around with Sariah so shed tell me if the dresses I tried looked cute.

When we got home there were some problems. Pratt had to talk to the kids who were tending cos the trailers looked pretty messy! Their were crumbs everywhere and some kids didn’t change diapers all day so it was REAL smelly to. I guess some of the mothers need to teach there kids to tend better.

Oh, before I forget! Pratt put this pic up for me. He said we can learn a lot from the Muslins. These gals are REAL modest and WAy cute to! Their wearing dresses over there pants so they look WAY feminine!

Did you know some Muslins live polygamy to?!



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Im NOT Flora and Carolyn Jessup!!!!!!!

I dont GET it!!!  Here I am just writing my own little blog and not bothering anybody when some folk write in and say Im  a Jessup gal. First they say Im Flora Jessup, then they say Im somebody called Carolyn Jessup!!! A couple of my sisterwives are Jessops but there not this Flora or Carolyn they keep talking about and Im not EVEN a Jessup!l  I think I herd there names sometime but I dont think I ever met them. These folk seem  mad as heck with these gals. Are they sisters or something??  If there doing bad stuff we should keep sweet like Pratt says and NEVER get mad. Ill pray for them.

Im WAY glad Pratts always watching out for me. He reads ALL my mail first thing  and throws away stuff I shouldnt see. Yesterday there was a message with WAY bad words in it. He didnt say what it was but he just dumped it. Thanks Pratt. Men should always protect there women.

Somebody asked about the deer horns. Pratts camera needs fixing so he cant take pics right now. (Not sure if he knows how to put them on here to - probably does). There big horns - Heres a pic from the internet that looks like them.

Weve got four big sets like this and some smaller one to, so I should be able to make something real cute with  them. Let me know your ideas.

I was going to tell you about the DI trip but Ive got to run to meeting - took to long praying this morning!

See you!

Saturday, October 24, 2009




Aw fer cuuuute!! Pratt must of put this on the computer for me!!!!!!!!!!! And he did color and everything! AWESOME! I HEART you TO Pratt!!

Gotta rush cos weve been out all day and I need to wash my clothes for meeting so Ill write tomorrow.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Polygamy is TRUE!!!

Hi everybody. Hope you all had a great day! I did. Pratts back from hunting and he shot some big bucks for our food store. He says I can make something cute from the horns. If anybody has a cute idea for what to make, let me know and I'll post the best one.

Nobody said anything about fasting but I got a real long comment about what I write and what everybody else says about it. I'm going to put it right hear in my blog for you all to read without doing any clicking stuff..

"Quite a number of people posting to this blog seem to feel very strongly that the writer's intent is to give polygamists a bad name. I have carefully read all the entries to date and am wondering what it is exactly, that HoneyDawn has written that is actually incorrect? I was a member of a polygamist group for a large part of my life, and have personal experience of many of the things she writes about. I saw many women overwhelmed with large numbers of children. Accidents did happen because there was a chaotic environment on occasion because of the huge ratio of children to adults. There was jealousy. Husbands did play favorites sometimes - they are human beings after all! African Americans were discriminated against because of the doctrines taught by the early leaders of the LDS church, which Fundamentalist Mormons still believe in. As for the attitude towards guns - that is one that reflects a large proportion of the population of the USA, particularly in the western states. Distrust of government is also not a purely polygamist issue, although of course since polygamy is illegal, some fear of officialdom is inevitable.

The only real dishonesty I find is HoneyDawn's self deception. She is trying to convince herself that she loves the system and is happy in it. I know, because I tried to do the same thing for many years. Pretending to be happy brings approval from all the powers that be. What HoneyDawn really needs is an exclusive relationship with a loving and devoted man who is willing to be a fully invested father and husband - not someone you see only on occasion and who has very little time for you or your children. What kind of relationship is that? Get out while you can. (I have a hunch that you may have already!)"

She uses a HEAP of long words! She seems real nice but is SHE MISTAKEN about polygamy! What I say to her is DONT GIVE UP ON POLYGAMY!!!!!!!! I bet you were in the wrong group and didnt have a cute husband like Pratt. Remember what I said before! Its better to have part of a GOOD man than ALL of a BAD man!!! You just got to find the write man and the write group!! Ill pray for you.

Im looking forward to tomorrow. Pratts taking all us gals to DI shopping. I LOVE DI! Its got the BESt clothes for the BEST mony. Ill tell you if I get anything great.

Have an AWESOME weekend and dont forget to go to meeting on Sunday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thought I would ask you folk what YOU think about fasting? Somebody said for me to fast for a WEEK. I did fast for 3 days once when the bretheren said to but not eating makes me WAY hungry. AND did Anonnymous mean to not drink water to??? I ALWAYS drink a gallon a day to keep my skin young looking - I mean this is UTAH!!! I dont want to be a prune!!!! Pratt says my skin is GREAT!
We fast in our family for a day now and then, and gals its AWESOME for keeping you thin - except for somebody in our family who goes to a ALL YOU CAN EAT place the night before!!!! - I wont say who. Of course, I just fast from my FAVORITE foods and eat real plain for a day and I drink some juice to keep my energy up. Its HEALTHY.

Some nice person asked for a pic of our feet. Pratts off hunting right now so I cant ask him what he thinks. He doesnt like photos much cos he says it makes women vain about how they look. We dont have many mirrors either for the same reason. Ill ask when he gets back. (not sure how to put it on my blog if he says its OK though. Maybe hell Know?)
Still worried about Harmonee. She STILL looked mad when we got back (too bad she didnt hear Pratts AWESOME talking about keeping sweet and NEVER being angry.) She was RUDE about Brighameena getting all burnt in the camp fire and said it was OUR fault!!! I told her Prattd told ALL the kids the rules, and Brighameena didnt listen. Harmonee just shook her head and said Brighameena was only three and the grownups shouldve watched better!!!! No wonder her kids dont mind me. Im there other mother and they treat me like Im nothing to do with them!!! When Harmonee says MEAN stuff to me I just cry and cry. Pratt says I have a SENSITIVE SOLE. Hes SO right! He says he'll tell Harmonee and the others not to talk to me about stuff and make me cry all the time.
Its so HARD sometimes being such a gentle and sweet spirit. I dont know what Id do without Pratt to protect and watch out for me. I just keep praying for everyone to see what a blessing I am to this family.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flue

Not feeling great today but im taking extra herbs and using my oils so should be OK soon. That made me think about what I need to TELL you all. Thought I better write this quick before any of you folk go and get swine flue shots. DONT!!! Dont let the government put those nasty chemicals in you. SHOTS make you SICK!

I heard shots make a lot of kids ARTISTIC. THeres lots of ARTISM in utah and heaps of other places. So make sure you eat heaps of fresh garlic and I heard Comfrey with bunches of ginger is great to! The government says Comfrey is bad, but what do they know?

(I LOVE this wreath!!!! Im making one! Itll probably keep jerms out of the house)

Back to our trip. The next day Pratt did a lot of talking to us gals. We had testimonys and Pratt gave his testifying for an hour! AWESOME. At night he was talking about always keeping sweet and NEVER BEING ANGRY! Even if a husband had to hit his wife she needs to be sweet and learn her lesson. Then he sang to us around the campfire. He has a GREAT voice. I joined in with him but some coyotes up on the ridge started howling and yowling so it was hard to hear our sweet voices. (I have a naturaly soft and sweet voice even when Im talking)

We had a WAY big fire and Prattd told all the kids to stay away, but when everyone was looking at us singing. LiaHonas little 3 year old Brighameena got to close and fell in. We fished her out quick and her coat was all burnt but only her hands were bad. We didnt have bandages and someone said to rip up my nightdress but that was DUMB cos Sariah had HEAPS of band aids. They were real small but we used them and covered most of the burns so that was OK. Pratt told the other kids that Brighameena knew the law, and she disobeyed and thats what happens when you dont do what your told. So it was a real good lesson for the kids.

Pratt knew I was still scared so he got a big kid to be camp guard and I slept real good that night even with my tent being so private. In the morning I got a BIG surprise!! Right outside I found a humongus can of honey!! It was a shame the top was off and some was spilled around some. I guess an animal pulled it off. There were a few bugs to but I got those out easy!

I couldnt find a note with the honey , but I think it was one of the gals who had mean thoughts about me! She must of listened to Pratts talking about never being angry. Anyways I LOVe honey - Im a real Pooh bear!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Internet Evil

WOW again!!! I never thought my little blogd be SO important. Ive got some more comments from anonnymous -

 " FLDS women are not supposed to be on the internet--it's evil.... I am a polygamist myself and I am embarassed people like this exist. It's people like this that give every polygamist family a bad name. ...----And if your going to keep this all up you might want to consider your grammar STINKS!"

RUDE!!! Pratt checks my grammar so it cant stink!

Im  WAY glad your a polygamist to! Pratt said itd be better not to say which group we're in cos some people might not read the blog if their in a different group and we just want to share with EVERYONE!

I never heard  FLDS women cant go on the internet cos its evil, so I guess its OK for you cos you must be a guy. WAY COOL!!! GUYS and not just gals are reading this! Pratt DOES say guys need to take care of their gals, so thats why he checks stuff for me. I LOVE being taken care of like that!

Someone else said

"you make it look like the sisterwives are all at war all the time. Like everyone is jealous and envious of each other alot. And you seem to make yourself extremely special, with both of your husbands and make it look like your were and are their picks and the other wives are always jealous of you."

ALL us sisterwives are SPECIAL!!! I think its GREAT you dont have jealousy in your family. Itd be awesome if you  shared your story to!

Pratt says theres no other family in Zion JUST like ours! I guess that means all polygamists dont have the heavenly life we do, so dont go thinking we're all the same!!.

Pratt says weve got polygamy to make us perfect. If men just had one wife, she'd never know how JEALOUS she is. She'd never learn to STOP! So we can be GLAD for sisterwives bringing out that darn jealousy, so we can make it to heaven!

Thats all for now on the comments. Thanks folks!

Back to camping. It did rain some in the night but Pratt and me stayed snug in my tent. In the morning we walked down to breakfast and I felt so cute walking out of the woods in my best nightdress with my hair out loose. (Its my favorite white cotton nightdress and long, with ruffles around the neck and the bottom.) I felt like a damson in distress that got rescued by her brave knight - Sir Pratt!

But when we looked down in the meadow it was a MESS!! We found out later - in the night with all the rain, the stream went over into the meadow and LiaHonas tent got flooded and a lot of other tents got REAl wet. With all the mud and mess I didnt bother going down there, I just went back to my tent for a spell and read the scriptures.

Later on everyone was REAL quiet when I came around. It was probably getting cold and wet made everyone that way. At least there was a campfire by then and I cooked a nice breakfast for Pratt and me. It all seemed OK until that night came!

Dang! Have to go again - real busy. Talk to you later!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Wow! So many comments! Keep them coming. I LOVE hearing from you all. I cant answer everything today cos it would take WAY to long, (sorry about that. Just keep on reading and find answers in some of my posts coming up) Ill just say a couple of things before I go on telling you about camping.

Some of the stuff people said was MEAN, but a nice guy or gal said I talk like a teenager. Thanks for noticing. I think its WAY important to stay young in EVERY way! I dont need to be OLD just cos Im 50!!!

Annonymous, sorry, but I dont know if FLDS men like little girls or not. I never asked them and thats a WAY INAPPROPRIATE question!! I just write about things I KNOW. Some people are WAY judgmental about stuff. Take this pic I found when I was looking for cute dresses to show.

I heard a lot of folk think this girl is only 12 but somebody told me shes really 32!! It just goes to show we cant believe everything we hear! I think the guy is in prison - just shows how MEAN the government is and how some polygamists are persecuted all the time!

SO - I ONLY write about what I KNOW - its the safest thing to do!

Back to the camping trip! Pratt didnt say anything about Harmonee and LiaHona being mean and not getting the food I told them to buy. But he looked kinda mad and gave me more money to buy some wholesome food for me and him to eat. (I just LOVE him!)

I pretty much FILLED up my car with my camping and cooking stuff. That made a few folk mad cos they wanted me to take some kids in my car. Harmonees NUTS about all the kids being in car seats all the time!! Pratt keeps telling her theres not ROOM for them with all the kids we have. SO then Harmonee says shes not coming! That made us all WAY SAD. I told her she needed to have faith that her kids'd be safe. Pratt wanted ALL our family to be together cos there was a lot of teaching he wanted to do. She still said she was staying - so there was nothing we could do.

(I think wives should always do what there priesthood head says. If they dont they lose the spirit- BIG TIME!)

We started off with all our trucks and vans but after about 20 miles I remembered I left my herb set and supplements back in the kitchen at home! I wasnt going to be up in the mountains without them so I just HAD to turn around and go back. Sariah was sweet and said shed wait for me with her truck, so I could follow her up. When I got home I found my box and then I remembered I needed my essential oils, and I had to find another box to put THEM in, and THEN I remembered my cute nightdress was still in the wash and I had to put THAT in the dryer, so it took a while to get back to Sariah. Some of her kids said some smart alec stuff about the wait, but Sariah shushed them up and told them theyd go without supper if they didnt.

By the time we got there theyd set up all the tents in a meadow near a stream. It was real pretty but I was glad my tent was in my car cos I wanted to be private, not next door to everbody. I got the boys to put my tent in the woods at the top of the hill. It was WAY prettier in the trees and I couldnt hear a thing.

In the afternoon we had scripture reading and testimonies. Pratt gave the longest one - he gave his testimony for an HOUR - AWESOME! Then when we were setting up for supper some of the kids started talking about bears. THey thought it was pretty funny when I acted scared and they kept telling bear stories till I got Pratt to make them stop. By the time it was getting dark I was WAY scared in my tent in the woods. I told Pratt about it and he was real understanding. OH-MY-GOSH -I have the BEST husband!!!

It was LiaHonas night but Pratt told her he would make it up to her, and he spent the night in my tent to keep me safe from the bears. (Hes WAY brave and manly -who could have a cuter husband?)

I was REAL happy I put my queen size blow up mattress in my car. There was just enough room for it in my little cosy tent!

Dont have time to write about what happened the next day. It makes me SAD how some folk just dont understand and think bad stuff about other folk! BUT got to go - got to teach my home school cooking class how to make a yummy grits casserole. I'll tell you the rest tomorrow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We're back! I bet you missed me - right? Dont worry Ive got BUNCHES of stuff to write and tell you about the trip. I probably wont write it all today. But FIRST I need to tell you what happened before we left!!!

I would of been mad as heck if I didnt have a peacemaking spirit! When Harmonee and LiaHona got back with the food, THEY DIDNT HAVE THE STUFF I SAID TO GET!!! They ignored my list!! They bought stuff like marshmallows and hotdogs and store bought cookies and chips and all that junk!!!! Can you BELIEVE it????!!!!!I asked them what the heck they thought they were doing and they said their kids dont like the food I cook! FER IGNERNT! They dont know what good food IS cos there moms feed them TRASH!

I dont want Pratt to think I want people to eat this stuff! He would of thought I chose it, so I HAD to let him know what happened.

I think Harmonees still jealous of me and LiaHonas just as bad siding with her! I still keep praying for them.

Ill tell you about that and the rest of the trip tomorrow, cos Im WAY busy cos I have to answer some questions. Ive been getting comments from some folk. GREAT! Keep them coming! Somebody said I ought answer in the blog, not in the comments place. So hereS the questions and answers -

One gal asked about black people in our church.

Jericho wrote -

What I am asking, What if a black man from another state started studying your religion and decided he would like to join your church and move into your community. Would your prophet allow him to marry the any of the eligible white sisters that belong to your church?
Or what if it was a black woman? Aside from personal preferences, would the church allow a brother, lets say, Pratt for example to marry the black sister?

She asked if Pratt would marry one. I didnt ask him but I know he only likes blond blue eyed gals so I guess not. He says he only likes Aryan gals, (I looked that up cos Pratt was to busy to explain and it means NOBEL or SPIRITUAL - for CUTE!!!)

The bretheren dont say much in meeting about black folk probably cos there arent any around here. Pratt says it got the LDS church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Mormons) into a HEAP of trouble, so they had to let black people hold the priesthood and go to the temple and marry white folk and EVERYTHING. The bretheren say we should marry only our own kind of folk, cos thats what god wants for us. I dont think black people should join our church cos then they couldnt find anyone to marry and thatd be WAY sad.

One thing to make black folk happy. In the Book of Mormon it says that one day the Red Indians will be "white and delightsome" (well, it DID say that in the OLD Book of Mormons, then the LDS church changed it) SO-- one day black peopl'll have cute white skin too! Isnt that GREAT. (Not sure if theyll get blue eyes to - probably will.)

Thanks for the GREAT questions Jericho (GREAT bible name) You did say about shaving legs to. It really helps to wear LONG cute dresses like I do.

Last comment was from Annonymous again (not sure if thats a GIRL or BOY name???-

do not think that withholding a night from "Harmonee" was a loving or sweet thing for your husband to do or for you to be excited about. Your husband is also asking you to keep secrets from your sister wives by treating you to expensive dinners and asking you to keep it to yourself. This man is acting in a childish and dangerous way in order to maintain peace in a house. I think you should look at the root of his actions for his values and ethical standpoints on this. Of course you cannot question him as such but you could hold off on your complicity with his bad decisions.
I found this blog sad and I hope your family is able to weather this type of behaviour and that all your sister wives will be loved and respected equally.

Dont be SAD Anonymous. We ALL know we can learn HEAPS from Pratt. Its REAL MEAN to say Pratts DANGEROUS!!! Hes always safe - he NEVER drives faster than 90 and he NEVER lets the kids play with loaded guns unless theres a kid AT LEAST 8 years old around!!

Pratts not like men in the World (Babylon) Hes got the SPIRIT to tell him whats best. Harmonee needs to know theirs gonna be something happening when she does bad stuff. Pratt LOVES all us gals like he loves his kids. Sometimes you got to be angry with your kids so theyll know whats RIGHT. Thats how you make your family REAL HEAVEN.

OF COURSE you got to have secrets in Polygamy! We teach the kids NEVER to say who there Dad is and where they live. THey learn REAL early to keep secrets. Imagine the mess in the family if Pratt told my sisterwives everything? Duh!

Well, thats answered all the questions. Blessings to you all from Zion. Talk to you again tomorrow!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Still Camping!
Miss ya!

Dont forget me and Pratt!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Green Jello

I knew I was going to be away for a few days and i didnt want you to be disappointed, so Pratt showed me how to set some posts to come up while Im gone.

Heres my favorite
I know youll LOVE it!!
Some folk add yucky stuff like marshmallow, but my recipe is HEALTHY!

1/2 pt. whipping cream
1 sm. pkg. lime Jello
1 c. boiling water
8 oz. tofu

2 Grated carrots
3 c. grated onion
1 c. finely chopped radishes

2 c. raw sliced potato

Whip 1/2 pint whipping cream; set aside. Dissolve 1 small package lime Jello in 1 cup boiling water. Cream 8 oz. tofu and 1 cup grated radishes. Add Jello mixture, add 1 cup raw potato, fold in whipped cream and 2 grated carrots. Pour into a cute pan and refrigerate.
This goes GREAT with mashed potatos and gravy. YUM!!!!!!!!

hey look - I can do COLOR now - Thanks Pratt!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I just got a couple of minutes to spare cos I sent Harmonee and LiaHona off to the store with a list of wholesome foods to buy. Prattll be WAY pleased with my planning!

I need to say I DONT care for those dress ads they put on my blog!!!!! They havent even got full long skirts and DONT look feminine at all! They couldve been better with lace and ribbons to cover up the girls some!!! Pratt was looking at them for a long time and he said they werent APPROPRIATE for a blog like mine about gospel things! So DONT look at them - just look at my blog pics of WAY feminine dresses!

First Russian and Thai brides and NOW THIS!!!! They KNOW I dont like those things so why do they put them ON???!!!!


Pratts taking us all away on vacation for a few days! Im WAY excited. he says I should plan all the meals so we eat wholesome food. He says Harmonee and LiaHona can do the shopping, so I will give them a list and the money to do that. Did I tell you, Pratt has put me in charge of giving out the money to the other wives when they need some? He says I dont have little kids right now so its a good job for me. Some of my sisterwives dont like it much but they know Pratt is the head of the home, so they dont say much now.

We're going camping, so the boys are getting all the tents and camping stuff together. There are seven of us sisterwives, and heaps of kids, so its going to mean a lot of work. I will be WAY to busy to help with the gear becuse of the meal planning.

It wont be my night while we are away, but I can still enjoy the trip. We will all sit around the campfire at night and listen to Pratt talk - AWESOME!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heavenly night!

Last night was too heavenly. I had to write about it straight away. Remember I told you Pratt was giving me an extra night becuse Harmonee had made me cry? Pratt is so thoughtful. He took me out to a fancy place to eat (we dont do that much becuse we dont like to support the World, but the Zion cafe was closed.) He spent BUNCHES of money. (He said not to talk about that to the others in case it made them jealous.) Then we came back and I found my poetry book and had him read to me before bedtime. He likes coming to my home becuse its WAY noisy everywhere else with all the kids. Pratt has a poets soul. He reads GREATl, and when he talks, he can talk longer than ANYONE I know! Hes WAY smarter than most guys.

Harmonee wasn't talking to me today becuse it was her night with Pratt last night. But I told Pratt Im still praying for her. she needs to understand that Gods in control of Pratts time, and he has the spirit to direct him where he needs to be. Pratt said that was sweet and generous of me.

Do you like my cute dove?. Pratt says it makes him think of me cos Im such a peacemaker.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dress to be feminine

I told you all about long feminine hair a while back. Pratt said not to forget the clothes women should wear. Us sisterwives (sisterwives are the other women married to my cute husband) all wear long and feminine dresses. I ALWAYS always try to wear dresses becuse the Bible says we should. Oh my gosh - it would be too nasty to look like a man!!! I always make sure I wear GIRL colors too, like pink. (Never red cos thats bad to wear) Even when Im working in the fields I wear a dress over pants. If I HAVE to wear just Levis for some reason I ALWAYS wear a cute satin and lace blouse with it. Pratt says that really shows my femininity. He loves it when I wear ribbons in my hair that match my dresses. He calls me his little girl. Isnt that cute?

I just found some cute dresses and hairstyles - I think more of them should wear pink though - its more girly than blue!

Harmonee was mad with me today! Can you believe it? She said I was causing trouble between her and Pratt! When I told Pratt how mean she was to me I couldnt help crying, so he told Harmonee how disappointed he was with her. I an WAY sad when I am misunderstood by my sisterwives. I thought they knew that everything I do and say is to make our family ALMOST HEAVEN.

Pratt is giving me an extra night tonight becuse he wants to make things up to me. I said he didn't need to do that, that I could be sad on my own, but he just insisted. What a wonderful man!

Monday, October 12, 2009


After the wholesome breakfast I cooked this morning for Pratt (I think its WAY important to feed your man the right way) I told him Im worried about my sisterwife Harmonee. Ive been praying for her to know HOW MUCH I can be a blessing to her. She  struggled about Pratt taking another wife, which is WAY SAD!!! Living the Principle is SO important for women!!! Women can be SO jealous about there husbands, which is wrong. Im WAY GLAD Im not jealous about her even if shes only 26 and has  thicker hair than me. Its SO heavenly living this way becus we can all overcome our problems. Im  happy I can tell Pratt about these little things that happen with my sisterwives, so he can always know what he needs to pray about. He says Im such a blessing in this way, becuse with such a big family he cant be expected to know what all we girls are doing and saying.

It will be AWESOMESOME in heaven when we are all together in our heavenly family with all our babies, and my hair will be as thick as Harmony's.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beautiful day of rest.

Just WAY to busy to post yesterday. We girls put up 200 cans of peaches.

Today is the Sabbath so we can all rest after Women's class, Sunday School, Sacrament meeting Order Meeeting and Fireside. Pratt has two Priesthood meetings to go to, so we won't see him much today, but we are just so happy he is building the kingdom.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

Bad news today. My cousin Alvin’s youngest - Mahonri Moriancumr had a bad accident in the woods with his Papa. His Papa loaded his gun and just leaned it against a tree for a minute when along comes little Mahonri and knocks it over. It went off and shot him.  Alvins wife Aurora Dawn is having a bad time becuse it doesnt look like he'll make it. The bretheren have blessed him- so whatever happens it will be God’s will. The devil is always giving the chosen people trials. But if he dies it is such a blessing that Mahonri isn’t 8 yet so he will go straight to the Celestial Kingdom (heaven).

Its a good thing Aurora Dawn has bunches more kids!

Send me some more of your questions. I love answering them.

Also - do you like my cute pictures? Pratt showed me how to add them. I love it!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guns are from God

Deer seasons coming soon - Pratt will be out in the woods getting food for us. He always gets a couple of big bucks for the freezer so we have food storage, and one of us girls - probably LaBlessing, will smoke some meat too. (Shes SO good at making the fire in the smokehouse and checking on the meat - we all have different talents. I'm sure I would never be half as good as her at doing such a smelly job) Its WAY important to be prepared for the Last Days and have piles of food in store. Were so blessed that we live in this FREE country. Did you know in some countries the people cant even get guns?!! Can you believe that?!!!!!!

The trouble is, with the new President well probably have all our guns taken away. Its a good thing Pratt and the other bretheren went out and got a whole bunch of guns and ammo when the new President was elected - just in case. This is AMERICA. Can you IMAGINE us not having guns!! Too nasty for words. How will the men defend there families and food in the Last Days when the government'll probably use the military against us?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Men are the Head of our Homes

I told Pratt today how IMPORTANT it is for him to be Lord and master in his homes. It is SUCH a mess when women try to take over!!!! When wives tattle about other wives, like saying that they think its wrong for there husband to spend extra time with one wife, and complain about him coming to them late when its there night, it just shows women are trying to rule. I always support Pratt being head of the home and the Bretheren say that a man’s time is God’s and a woman’s time is her husband’s - SO a husband can decide where God wants him to be. Men need to be the leader in their homes and not let women "rule over them" like it says in the Bible.

This is such a PERFECT way of life when you do it the RIGHT WAY!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dont stop those kids coming!

Some girls in our community get BAD ideas from the world. I heard that some of them want to NOT have nice big families. Thats the devils idea. They just want to stay cute looking and not have lots of work to do. But I just KNOW our men love us more when we give them more spirits to reign over.

Im praying Pratt and me'll bring some choice spirits to earth together. Im only 50 and Mother had children till she was 58, so its OK for Pratt to spend lots of time with me to make that happen. We always try to put the gospel first in our lives, and all us sisterwives agree with how important it is to have big families. Its a fun competition to see who can have the most!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Do you know? I think people are really mean about that nice lady called the Octomom. They say shes got mental problems - RUDE!!! Just becuse she wants bunches of way cute babies that doesn’t make her nuts!!! I think shes GREAT!! Its SAD she hasnt got a good husband - thats the trouble with the world - there arent any good men. Thats why god made Celestial Marriage - becuse there are bunches more good WOMEN - SO - they can get married and share the few good men that WE have here. I’m SO thankful god thought of that! Pratt says hed marry her in a heartbeat! SO THOUGHTFUL - always thinking of others needs.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Babies - Babies-Babies

Went to a DARLING baby shower yesterday. Chastitees going to be blessed with her thirteenth. AWESOME!!! We all welcome these sweet spirits to earth and it would be just too TERRIBLE if they had to go into a family out in the world where they didn’t have the TRUTH! Thats why we have as many kids as we can. And it builds up our husbands kingdom too in heaven, so he has lots of family to rule over. What a wonderful blessing it is for everyone.

I'm not being mean but Chastitees house looked kind of messy - you think she would of cleaned up for the shower. Its’ SO important for us girls to make our homes a heaven on earth for our wonderful men. How can you expect your Priesthood Head to spend time with you if everything doesnt look perfect and you don't look cute for him?! I ALWAYS teach that to the young girls when I can.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Girls Need Schooling for their God given Job

Someone out there with a WAY cute name I never heard before sent me a question. Here it is -

Anonymous said...
You don't like Lavera going to college. Are you saying girls shouldn't be educated? If you are that's a really old-fashioned idea!

I TOTALLY think girls should get schooling!! NO WAY they should be dumb! But DONT send your kids out into the world and let the government teach them LIES! You need to teach them YOURSELF!

Thats why we Home School ALL our kids in our family. The girls learn early how to tend their brothers and sisters (Real important when you might need to go to work yourself) They cook and clean too. (I teach them wholesome cooking - that way the mothers dont have to cook all the time) We teach them everything they need to be good mothers and wives because thats WAY more important than some of the stuff their teaching in the Public Schools.

Well, that answers your question Anonymous. Kepp asking and Ill keep answering!

Dang! More of those DUMB ads! They know I said to women DONT cut your hair and now I get ads for Laser hair removal!!!!! I want some cute scrapbooking supplies ads and wholesome recipes. Does somebody know how I can get them?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mean Newspaper stuff about polygamy

Somebody showed me some stuff in the news today about polygamy. People in the world say really BAD stuff about Plural Marriage. They are SO MEAN!! I dont think newspapers should be allowed to write things about us. Joseph Smith (the first prophet of our religion) made sure people didnt do that about him. He had the bretheren in Nauvoo back in the 1840s smash up a newspaper press when the newspaper guys said bad stuff. These newspaper guys just don’t understand polgamys a Higher law of God. They just think men LIKE having bunches of wives.

Its WAY hard for these wonderful men. Pratt says Im the only one who REALLY understands him. We talk for HOURS every night. Even when its not my night to be with him, he makes sure he calls me and we just TALK and TALK. Hes AWESOME!!!!!

Do you like my page design??? Pratt chose it. He says the lighthouse is symbology for the light my blog is bringing to everyone! A DARLING thing to say. I wanted something with babies, hearts and flowers but I couldnt find anything. Ive got way cute stickers from scrapbooking but I guess they dont work on a computer. Pratt says hell help me add some cute pictures, so my pages will look WAY cuter soon!

Pratt says too I should tell people to ask questions and he'll help me answer them. So ask away! I love talking about my wonderful way of life!

NO WAY!!! - their still putting those bride ads on my page! Now Thai Brides are on too!!! Just ignore it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

College Problems

I want to tell you about my sister's girl LaVera. LaVeras 18 years old and shes been real obedient up till now. Last year she flat out said she was going to college this fall. Well for sure we were WAY worried about her!!! To make things worse she wanted to go to the University of Utah and everyone knows its a godless place. The teachers there are all atheists!!! Well, we tried and tried to make her see how important it is for a girl to stay safe at home till a good guy marries her, but no, she just HAD to go out into the world. Weve all been praying so hard for her not to lose her testimony. But just yesterday VaLoy (my sister) got a call from LaVera, saying that they are teaching her CRITICAL THINKING at the U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh-my-gosh!!! Dont they even KNOW being critical is a bad thing!!!! Fer ignernt!!!!!

I think I should just say I dont like some of the ads their putting on my page, especially the ones about getting Russian or Moldavian brides!! That is SO bad. If your looking for good brides you need to come to Zion (thats here in Utah) Theirs bunches of good girls here for you when you join the TRUE religion.
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